A New Concept
Every Day

The Actor’s second music project was called A New Concept Every Day. It was the year 1984. The New Wave scene had reached its peak. A New Concept Every Day introduced a third band member. Sabien Jilesen was a good looking girl with a golden voice. On Simple Pop, the band secretly recorded her screams and sighs that made Simple Pop one of the most popular Actor-songs ever. This second album also introduced a new sound with the instrumental Le Champ d’Honneur. No funeral would ever be the same again … The song became the opening of almost every performance. By now, The Actor had recorded some twentyfive songs. Some remained in the band’s repertoire, some disappeared. One of the forgotten songs turned out to be a clear sight of the future. 40-50-60 is a song about looking to the past to set a trend.

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